Choosing Love

The gospel calls us to make the radical choice for love – every day, with every person we meet, in every interaction.
That’s not easy, especially when the world is harsh and people seem awfully hard to love.
That’s why we need the church, and each other, to help us live wisely, and faithfully, and joyfully, and generously… choosing love every time.

This is our story. This is how we choose love.

The video features "Come Thou Fount" from Tangled Blue.

We are a thriving congregation near the heart of Greensboro, North Carolina.
Our members bring a diversity of opinions and beliefs about all kinds of things–politics, social issues, theology–and we think that’s good.

We’re an inter-generational church. We’re newborn babies and people pushing 100 and everybody in between, and everybody has a place. We like to
think about our faith and what it means for our lives. We don’t pretend to have all the answers, and if you join us, you’ll have to think for yourself.

We embrace all people at any point in their faith journey and recognize each person’s spiritual gifts.  We proclaim God’s inclusive welcome to the
Communion Table, and affirm that full and equal participation in the life, leadership, ministry and fellowship of our church is open to all.
We seek to continue to learn and grow in our efforts to be a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world.

Read our blog, listen to sermons, get involved.

News, Updates & Events

Anxious to Talk about Racism

A group of us, on Sunday evenings twice a month, had begun discussing the book by Professor Carolyn B. Helsel, Anxious to Talk About It: Helping White Christians Talk Faithfully About Racism. We had hoped our study would lead to some meaningful conversations with some brothers and sisters from Mount … Read More →

A Pentecost Unlike Any Other

Even if the church in ages past has celebrated Pentecost Sunday in the midst of a plague or pandemic, there never has been any such occasion as we anticipate this Sunday. In the past, I can imagine a time when Christians found physical distancing necessary although I’m not sure they observed such … Read More →

How not When

How, not when, is the question our Board members have been asking about reopening our church building. Asking how is not the same as asking when. Asking how does not imply soon. The Greensboro Faith Leaders' Council collected clergy signatures endorsing a statement, which will be submitted to the … Read More →