Welcome to First Christian Church Greensboro!

We are a growing congregation in the heart of Greensboro, North Carolina. We invite you to learn more about us on these pages, and then visit us in person.

We worship at 10:00 each Sunday morning, followed by coffee, snacks, and time to chat.

On Sunday evenings at 5:00, we meet at The Street for a meal, small groups and classes, and an informal worship service. Check the calendar for our summer schedule and all events.

Throughout the week, we serve our community in all kinds of ways and live our lives as faithfully as we can.

There’s a place for you here.

Join us, won’t you?

Latest News


  • To-Do Lists
    To-Do Lists

    I love a good to-do list. Whether it’s written in my calendar, scribbled on a post-it note, or jotted down with a dry-erase marker on the huge white board on Read More >>

  • Life in the Loam
    Life in the Loam

    As Christians, we believe God created the universe and called it “Good.” To find proof of our world’s goodness, we need to look no farther than the dirt beneath our Read More >>

  • Isn't that ironic--or something?
    Isn’t that ironic–or something?

    The workings of the universe—or at least those in my universe, with many moving parts, quickly moving parts with one unnamed 8-year old!—these workings are all working together. I had Read More >>

  • Wisdom of the Desert Fathers
    Wisdom of the Desert Fathers

    In Egypt around the years 300-400 CE, there were groups of ascetic monks living in the desert that we now call the “desert fathers.” Asceticism is an approach to spirituality Read More >>

  • Smallness, Creation, Significance
    Smallness, Creation, Significance

    Friends, I appreciate all the support that you all have shown me this week! So many people have told me how much they appreciated my sermon, despite (or because of) Read More >>